Welcome to WannaBuyMyJunk! We are here to provide you junk or treasure! As they say “One Man’s Junk is another Man’s Treasure”.  We are in the stage of startup.   So we are simple and empty now but just wait we will fill up quick!

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Coming will be list of items and services for your purchase from some one else junk or treasure.  Find these things interesting and different.  We don’t allow anything that is morally wrong!  So we only want people to be fair and just in their transactions.


My dream to provide people with a site that is user friendly and clear on it’s costs.  Those other sites that give you the same old thing with hidden cost to use and sale.  We are charged with giving you simple and clear site for products at a fair price.  Coming soon the site will have many features and lots of J/T (Junk or Treasure) for your review.


Hello world!

Welcome to WannaBuyMyJunk. We are starting a journey today of learning and creating a site for the future of J/T (Junk or Treasure).  Hope you return in a few weeks and we will have lots more done!  One step at a time along the path will get us to where we will be your provider …


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Feel free to contact us about any questions, issue or problem they are all the same we are here to serve those who sale and buy!